What career opportunities Data Science has brought in present generation

A business is successful if it is able to cater to the customer demands in the most profound manner? But, how do you analyze the market behavior to strike the right chord with the buyers? This is where Data Science comes into the foray. Data Science is the art of extracting, organizing, and furnishing data in an understandable manner. The data is used to conceptualize and implement business strategies.

Data Science expert

To become a proficient Data Science expert, you should be an expert in programming, statistics, machine learning, and mathematics. You can opt for enrolling in a Data Science course to hone your skills. When you are ready to take on the responsibility, you can consider any of the following career opportunities in the field of Data Science.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is responsible for the tasks involved from collecting data to converting it into information. In the process, there are multiple activities that require direct involvement of a data scientist. The designing and implementation of processes pertaining to data mining and data research are the responsibilities of a data scientist.

A data scientist will work in a close-knit with other team members, application developer to be precise, to develop programs and databases for effective management of data. The data scientists are proficient in database architecture, programming languages like R and Python, and visualization and analysis tools.

Data Architect

As evident by the name, a data architect is responsible for arranging the data by deploying relevant technologies. As data science is all about data, it becomes crucial to arrange and secure data so that it is accessible at any time. Handling database management system and associated technologies are the tasks of a data architect.

Besides organizing and securing data, they are responsible for identifying and managing sources of information. Proficiency in SQL, XML, Spark, database architecture, BI tools, etc is preferred.

Data Engineer

A data engineer ensures that all the systems and programs are functioning smoothly. If there is a glitch in the process, it can affect the complete procedure of data analysis. As a data engineer, you are responsible for scaling database management systems. You will be involved in all the processes like the design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Further, you will build algorithms and applications to facilitate effective evaluation of data by data analysts. Knowledge of SQL, ETL tools, and data modeling tools is desired.

Data Analyst

The job of a data analyst is a crucial one. After all, the insights delivered by a data analyst are incorporated while developing the market strategies. Thus, a person should be good with numbers and facts and should be able to deliver the information in a presentable manner. A data analyst should be able to identify key prospects that can persuade a business approach in a considerable manner.

Database Administrator

As the name suggests, a database administrator (DBA) is solely responsible for configuring and maintaining the database management systems in a business organization. Therefore, an employee should be proficient in database management languages like SQL, must be experienced in data modeling and security hardening. The tasks of a database administrator comprise of planning, design, configuring, backup, monitoring, and troubleshooting.


The role of a statistician is inevitable when it comes to analysis of numbers and trends. As the statistical theories, concepts, and methodologies are relevant for deducing inferences, the data is made available to statisticians. Now, on the basis of research and analysis, a statistician may recommend further course of actions, whether the data is sufficient or there is a need to mine more data. If you have a Degree in Statistics and sufficient knowledge of distributed systems such as Hadoop and MapReduce, this is the job for you.

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