The popular list of courses after class 12th

Very often students find themselves at the crossroads in life on what course to choose and what not. Any course which they plan to take should help them in terms of their career advancement. Now the list of courses is enormous, but let us chooses some of the best computer courses after 12th

The popular list of courses after class 12th

Networking and hardware courses

Most of the Indian students are well aware of these courses. You can come across their advertisement in various sources of print and visual media. As the promise stands you can avail a job by pursuing these courses.

Do opt for an institute that has a good placement record. The choice is on the student whether to opt for a short term or a long term course. If the institute is of repute you can gain scholarships as well. Once the course is over you can secure jobs in various IT industries. If you are keener towards business you can always start one on your own.

Software along with programing courses on language

 In order to formulate software you need to learn languages like C or C ++. The developers are very much in demand as far as the top IT institutes is concerned. All this does make it a great course that you can pursue.  There are a lot of institutes that does offer courses on this medium as well.  They have gone on to extend their reach all over India and do provide short and long term courses. You can be part of programming languages in these centres. They are known to have a better placement record as they are tied up with companies of repute. During each year you are likely to come across some innovative courses as well.


Most of you would have heard of Tally. For a layman it does appear to be accounting software but the job prospects are immense. Not only by the big companies, even the government relies on this software to store and secure financial information.

From time to time this software is updated and it does go on to become important that you are having hands on experience about the latest version of it. At the same time do opt for a reputed centre as they do offer short term and long term courses on the subject. If you have a degree in finance it would be fairly easy for you to grasp things. Once you are done with this course you can expect jobs in private companies.

Security courses of the cyber world

This type of courses has risen in terms of popularity in the last few years. A lot of it could be attributed to the financial crimes happening world wide. A lot of work is being done online. This would mean that a huge chunk of threats is seen in the online world as well. You are noticing a huge chunk of financial crimes taking place on a day in and day out basis.