Pay Attention to Admission Rate and Student-Faculty Ratio of an Engineering School

A decision to study engineering can be called a prudent and extremely good career choice for qualified engineers are in high demand in the job market. Modern organizations operating in a complex and dynamic business environment know that they have to be at the forefront of technological evolution and revolution to survive in a globalised world. They as such are always on the lookout for competent and qualified engineering professionals who can help them remain competitive in a cutthroat business environment.

It is primarily the reason we often hear about engineering graduates from top engineering institutes in Uttar Pradesh or for that matter top engineering institutes anywhere else in India commanding astronomical salaries from large corporations. Reputable engineering institutes offer top placement opportunities and rapid return on investment as the engineering education they offer is of immediate practical relevance. Equipped with state of the art facilities and world class infrastructure, they do an exceptional job of developing competent and confident engineering graduates who thrive in challenging situations and devise out of the box solutions for their respective organizations.

top engineering institutes in Uttar Pradesh

There may be tens of thousands of engineering institutes in the country churning out lakhs of engineering graduates every year. However, despite the high demand for engineers in the marketplace, we often see that majority of these young graduates fail to find a meaningful job that would justify the time and money spent on studying engineering.  The simple reason for high unemployment rates of engineers is that vast majority of these engineering institutes are of inferior quality and the education they offer does a very poor job of developing job ready graduates. It is therefore of utmost importance that you study engineering in an institute known for its infrastructure, high quality faculty, a strong alumni network and excellent placement opportunities.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important factors which will help you choose an engineering institute that offers the best fit between your career aspirations and aptitude and interests.

Admission rate of the college

Depending upon your past academic record, your own performance in the entrance test, the subjects you have chosen and the program you wish to enrol yourself in, you would like to apply to engineering schools with either higher or lower admission rate. Lower admission rate in simple terms means the ratio between the numbers of seats available to the number of applicants. This mismatch between the number of seats available and the actual demand invariably means that the competition to get into the university will be extremely tough.  Best in class engineering colleges in Lucknow or any other city are likely to have a very low admission rate. Everybody wishes to study in a top quality institute which means the competition to get into them is going to be extremely tough.

Inferior quality institutes on the other hand follow a very lax admission policy. The desire to mameans ke money at any cost often results in a flawed policy of allowing all applicants to gain admission in their engineering programs. Quantity is given preference over quality which often ruins the reputation of the engineering degree they offer. These institutes often fail to attract top recruiters to their campuses, who anyway prefer to visit best in class engineering institutes knowing well that they can find top talent there.

Student to faculty ratio

Student to faculty ratio is another important determinant of the quality of a college. High grade colleges have a very healthy student to faculty ratio. There are more teachers for fewer students which encourage more and productive teacher-student engagement.   Fewer students per teacher mean that the teacher can realistically pay more attention to the students.  This, however is not case with bottom rung institutes who driven by a desire to make more money often hire fewer teachers and accept more students.