How to stay motivated for UPSC exam

Preparing for UPSC does not only require a lot of hardwork but requires equal amount of patience and motivation for an aspirant to crack the exam. The best person who will help in sailing your boat and keep you motivated throughout the journey is no-one except “You”. It’s you, who can motivate yourself in such a pressurized scenario. Here I am sharing few tips which will help you stay emotionally and mentally stable during the exam preparation.

1.     Stop Comparing

Every individual has its own strengths. If your friend is good at mathematics, you may not. You may have found interest in some other optional subject. So, do not compare yourself with any other.

2.     Be greedy in your approach

It’s perfectly fine to be greedy as long as it is not hurting anyone. So if you are capable of studying 12 hours a day, then go for it. Join and give as many mocks as you can. Evaluate yourself and work on your weaker areas.

3.     Chose your friend circle wisely

If you are preparing for UPSC exams by staying in PG or Hostel, make sure your roommate is equally serious about the same. Choosing carefree friends or roommates will definitely distract you from your goal.

4.     Set milestones, not goal

Setting a bigger goal is definitely not leading you anywhere. Rather split your goal into small strategic milestones. This will keep you on track and you can have your progress evaluated. Make monthly and weekly goals.

5.     Reward yourself

After achieving every milestone, treat yourself with your favorite dish, go for a movie or anything which makes you happy. Don’t neglect yourself in the pressure of study. Enjoy those small moments which will satisfy your inner needs.

6.     Over expectations from teachers and loved ones

This is a very common problem with almost every aspirant. It feels really bad when hopes are shattered. Ask your parents and other concerned to have lower hopes. Having high hopes and over expectations will over burden and pressurize you. This may affect your progress adversely.

7.     Watch a motivational video

Before going to bed, it’s my personal suggestion to watch a motivational lecture or a video online or any motivational CD if you have. This way all your negative thoughts will fade away and you will wake with newer energy levels.

8.     Don’t back off

During your course of study, you may encounter good and bad moments. Good and bad are phases of life and they will soon fade away. All you need is to just focus on your aim and make everyone proud of you.

9.     Right environment

If your place of study is not comfortable or noisy, then you may not feel like studying at all. Make sure that all your study material is available and is not cluttered. A clean environment automatically motivates you to study more.


Always remember the contributions of your parents, teachers and all well wishers. It’s the time to prove them right and make them feel proud of you. Always seek the blessings of the elders and express gratitude to all who love and support you.

These are just small tips; positive thinking and having faith in yourself will help you surpass all the obstacles easily.