How to disguise that someone does not like you

Sometimes it can happen to you that you know a person and, for different personal reasons such as the lack of empathy between the two or for having very opposite personalities, you fall ill and it costs you to maintain a cordial relationship with her. However, it can also happen that you have to see that person every day in the event that you work in the same place, be in the same class as you or even be in the same circle of friends.

How to disguise that someone does not like you

In these cases, the most advisable thing is that you try to treat that person in the most educated way possible. If you are going through a similar situation with a person.

Avoid interacting as much as possible with that person

A recommended option to disguise or avoid someone who does not like you is to limit any unnecessary interaction with her, although sometimes it may seem difficult, especially if you work or study in the same place. To avoid interacting with someone, you can follow these tips:

  • Try not to establish eye contact with that person, since this way you will not encourage them to start a conversation with you.
  • In case you have to talk to her, try to make your answers short and educated so that the conversation ends as soon as possible.
  • If you repeat these guidelines daily with that person, surely over time, the interactions that occur between the two will be simply courtesy.

How to hide that you do not like during a conversation

If that person insists on talking to you despite your attempts to avoid interacting with her, you should follow these recommendations to have a conversation and not to notice that you do not like her:

  • Although it is difficult, try to be nice to that person. Be courteous and in short story you should end the conversation so that that person notices that you do not like her. You can say something like: “I’d like to continue talking, but I need to go to the bathroom.
  • Another recommendation is that if you are in a social situation where the conversation is with that person and others you can divert the conversation and say something that has nothing to do with what he said that you do not like.
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  • If you persist in following the conversation, you can give very brief answers so that there is no fluency or standing up to continue talking with you.

Never lose your nerve with that person

Surely, when that person is close to you you cannot avoid feeling uncomfortable, especially if it is someone who gives off negative energy or tries to discourage you every time you have a chance. The worst thing you can do in these cases is to let your comments affect you or even notice that you are visibly upset with it.

If you want to not notice that you do not like them in these cases, it is best to stay strong against these comments. You must remember the positive things in your life and think that you have many people who respect you and love you as you are. In this way, you will let him know how unimportant his comments are.

Avoid frequenting the same places as that person

One of the best ways for that person to find out that you do not like her is directly not to meet her. And for the likelihood of this encounter to be reduced, it is best to avoid going to the same places that you know that this person visits quite often:

  • In the event that you are a work colleague, look for new coffee shops and bars and do not go to the ones you know all the people in your office go to. In the following article we show some tips to handle a conflicting work partner.
  • If it is a neighbor or a person who lives in the same neighborhood, you can also try to make the purchase in other supermarkets that are farther away or just avoid going to the same time as him.
  • In the case that you keep friends in common, you can ask before you get that friendship if that person will be there. So, you can avoid meeting her.

Cut your relationship through social networks with that person

Currently, in almost all social networks that exist, we have several options so that a certain person can be blocked and not know anything about you for them without having the need to eliminate it and, therefore, that you do not realize that you do not like her To cut off all contact with that person through social networks, you just have to follow these recommendations:

  • In the event that you maintain a friendship with that person on Facebook, this social network gives you the option to change your privacy options so that you can choose which people do not see your publications without having to block or eliminate them. In this way, you cannot recriminate that you have removed it from your contacts. In the following article you can see How to block someone on Facebook.
  • You also have the option of not having to see the publications of that person that you do not like. You just have to stop following it.
  • In case you have it as a contact on your phone, you can simply ignore their calls or you can change WhatsApp options so you do not know when you are connected.

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Article Source: Tape Daily