High Demand for Qualified Architects in the Market

Architecture is a happening field with high demand for qualified architecture engineers in the market. Strong emphasis on technological innovation around the world has given added impetus to this profession making qualified architects highly sought after resources in the marketplace. Rapid urbanization, added emphasis on infrastructure development and enhanced concern for environment has made architecture one of the most sought after profession of our times.

People who have obtained a degree in architectural engineering may be qualified to enter careers in architectural engineering, engineering technology and construction management. In fact architects are the real people behind the design of beautiful buildings and structures you witness on daily basis. A job as an architect is highly satisfying as it puts you in a position to give shape top creativity and dreams. The first step towards becoming an architecture engineer in India is to attend a B. Arch degree from a recognised college or university.

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There are quite a few well-established colleges offering modern and relevant B. Arch courses which can do a good job of accelerating your career. However, in order to obtain admission in these colleges you have to clear a common entrance exam or maybe a personal entrance test conducted by a particular institute. The first step towards becoming a good architecture engineer in India is to clear JEE or any other such prestigious entrance exams. You may also have to take and clear the NATA (National Aptitude Test for Architecture) held by COA (Council of Architecture) subsequently, if you haven’t cleared it yet.

However, it is of utmost importance that you understand beforehand that the value of your B. Arch degree will be as good as the brand value of the institute where you have obtained it from. It is strongly recommended that you conduct prior research about any institute you have in mind before making the final commitment. Of course, there are few top grade architecture colleges in Mumbai who are known for their high quality education and placement assistance. You need not conduct a thorough research about these institutes as they have made a name for themselves over the years. However, obtaining admission in these top ranked institutes is not easy as the number of applicants far outstrips the number of seats they offer. If you fail to win their approval, you need not despair as there are many other top architecture colleges in Maharashtra who are known for developing competent, talented and dynamic architecture engineers.

Conducting proper research about an institute where you intend to pursue your architecture engineering education should be an integral part of your application process as a B. Arch degree from a second string institute for all intents and purposes is just a waste of money.

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Second string institutes offering architecture courses cannot do much to advance your career. Bereft of any expertise, infrastructure and top quality faculty, inferior quality institutes are not known for offering an education and subsequently a degree that commands much attention in the job market. Obtaining admission and studying these poor quality institutes is a tremendous and an unfortunate waste of your money and time.   Good colleges or institutes on the other hand offering modern and relevant architecture courses offer students a world-class learning environment with top of the class infrastructure and facilities. State of the art classrooms and modern labs bolster creativity and ensure that students develop an interest in being innovative and cutting-edge.

Best in class institutes have the infrastructure and the expertise to deliver an education respected in the job market. These top of the line colleges/institutes with their state of the art labs, sophisticated research capabilities and practice-oriented teaching contribute towards a more global outlook and better practical knowledge among students, in the process making their Bachelor’s degree in Architecture highly valuable and sought after.