Draw At The Entrance Of The University: SOS Education Does Not Let Go!

After our action against the Council of State against the Ministry of Higher Education, we seize the defender of rightsJacques Toubon on the scandal of the students rejected by lot.

Coignard – Draw at university: a generation sacrificed

After the refusal of the Council of State to give an urgent ruling for the school year, a lawyer sued the Rights Defender. The government promises progress for 2018.

They were 3,500 last year. How many will they be this year? Inevitably, much more, because the tension between the number of new baccalauréat holders and the places offered in certain university disciplines continues to grow. But this black figure will not be known until it is too late for the sacrificed, when, at the end of July or beginning of August, these bachelors will discover that they were not on “waiting list”, as mentioned, not without adultery, the Admission post-bac (APB) site, but refused in the university course they had chosen. Because they did not meet the criteria to pursue the studies they claimed? No, just because they did not have a chance. They have not been drawn.
Some see some classmates with mediocre results, while they, who have believed in the virtues of merit, will have to give up their vocation. A thorny situation denounced by the last two ministers responsible for it: Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research in the outgoing government, acknowledged that “there is no more stupid selection “; Frédérique Vidal, who succeeded him with a full-fledged ministry, said he wanted to put an end to this system, “the most unjust,” to … 2018. Too bad for those who have the misfortune to pass their bac this year !

Multiple Discriminations

Me Henri de Beauregard, an advocate of the SOS Education association, tried to have the circular signed by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem canceled by summary order just before leaving the rue de Grenelle to give a legal basis for the draw by lot. But the High Court refused to take urgent action, on the grounds that the academic authorities would then be overwhelmed. The lawyer therefore decided to turn to the Defender of Rights, Jacques Toubon, because of the multiple discrimination engendered by this absurd system.

This situation results from the successive cowardice of several governments who for the past quarter of a century have refused to see that it is impossible to increase the number of baccalauréat holders without introducing a selection at the university or without dramatically increasing the resources devoted to teaching superior. The State has allowed it to flourish, it must now bear the consequences: “In the absence of a rapid solution, at least we must provide for a system of compensation for those who have thus sacrificed a professional vocation or a university year on the altar of unpreparedness in the face of a perfectly predictable demographic issue, “writes Me de Beauregard. But what is the value of financial compensation in the face of a professional destiny broken by fate? “Let no one complain that they have been put aside,