Career Opportunities With A Biotechnology Degree

Now that all have successfully completed their class 12 exams and the next course of action is choosing their next career. Choosing the right course and college is the first step in sketching the career plan. This phase is crucial since after the selection has been made, there will be no point in turning back. With the number of options available for students, selecting the correct course for a bright future has become a more challenging task.

Career Opportunities With A Biotechnology Degree

Most of the students will be confused about what to do after class 12. Few among them take their parents or elder’s advice and some look for that course which has a bright career option like biotechnology, aeronautical engineering, medical courses, etc. Others wait for their CBSE results 2018 to be released and based on the score they choose their course accordingly.

Here is some information for those students who are interested in pursuing their career in research and biotechnology sectors.

Biotechnology is an interesting subject and it is the application of biology and technology to produce new products for human welfare. Hence the students opting for this course should have a complete knowledge of both science and technology. In today’s world, biotechnology is everywhere from the genetically modified foods, to vaccines, and to the transgenic animals.

Biotechnology has a great demand in today’s job market with the introduction of countless industries and sectors. Listed below are some of them.

  • Health Care.
  • Animal Husbandry.
  • Genetic Engineering.
  • Agriculture industries.
  • Bio-processing industries.
  • Food processing industries
  • Department of Horticulture.
  • Biotech and research industries.
  • Epidemiologists and Microbiologists.
  • Pharmaceutical research and chemical industries.
  • Waste management and in Environment control systems.
  • Forensic science laboratories and other medical laboratories.

The career opportunities for students with a biotechnology degree is abounded both in India and in abroad. Any student with the science stream in their class 12 can take up Biotechnology as their specialization in their undergraduate course which is for 3 years and can continue with their higher education master’s level in biotech and a PG programme in biotechnology.

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