A Review Of The Best Blogs On Education, Conducted By Teachers, Journalists Or Experts

To express their opinion on educational news, to make available educational resources or simply to share class anecdotes, many teachers and educational specialists have adopted the blog, an effective and flexible communication tool.

Here is our selection of education blogs, sorted by categories:

Reflections and analyzes

Blogs of Claude Lelièvre Claude Lelièvre is a historian of education. He keeps two regularly updated blogs on which he comments on the major school policy facts (note, tickets are not duplicated from one blog to another, or rarely).

Chronicle Education : Philippe Watrelot is president of the Crap-Cahiers Pédagogiques. He decrypts on his blog the main facts of the educational news in the form of a press review of the major French newspapers. It also screens specialized websites to propose a review of links of the most relevant articles.

It is class !  Véronique Soulé is an education journalist at Libération. She is “on the lookout for everything that moves from school to college,” comments on her blog the great subjects that make controversy and relay local events worthy of interest.

Philippe de Lara’s blog : Philippe de Lara is a philosopher and a teacher of political science. His blog, devoted to higher education, deciphers the way of evolution and reform of the university.

Pédago @ blog  : Yves Morin is a Canadian teacher and researcher who offers on his blog analyzes of texts, reports and scientific articles on pedagogy and didactic practices.

Mammouth my love : Laurence Debril is a journalist at l’Express. His well-documented blog mixes reports, portraits and interviews.

Teacher ! It is the foot  : Based on its own findings and situations encountered in class, a teacher in difficult neighborhood analyzes on her blog the evolution of school and teaching. She also regularly publishes small mood tickets full of self-deprecation.

The masked professor  : an anonymous professor (presumably Québécois) mixes on his blog chronicles of class, note of mood and comments of the educational news in Quebec.

Stay seated children : Nestor Romero, former professor and assistant teacher delivers on his blog a deciphering of the pedagogical news and reflections on the news in general.

Written Interview: Luc Cédelle is a journalist specialized in education in the World. His blog, which he guarantees “zero fault”, presents, often from an original angle, the actuality of the educational world.

Bonnet d’âne : Jean-Paul Brighelli is an associate professor of Letters, who delivers in this blog his reflections on educational news.

Mood Tickets

Elise Titane : Elise is a primary teacher. She publishes on her blog her personal and chronic reflections on everyday subjects, as well as mood tickets in which many educational staff can recognize themselves.

The Institutes of Humor  : Lucien Marboeuf is a primary teacher. As his name suggests, his blog is a collection of mood tickets in which he lucidly recounts his daily life as a first-level teacher and comments on current events and original initiatives in the field of education .


Watch and analysis TICE : Bruno Devauchelle is a researcher at the CEPEC of Lyon. His blog addresses the many issues of ICT integration in education, training and education.

Professor Geek’s blog : Fabrice Gély is a professor of physical sciences fond of CTK. On this blog, he publishes tips to guide teachers in their use of computer tools and new technologies, as part of their work.

E-portfolio of David Martel : David Martel is a French teacher in Quebec. He describes on his blog his educational experiments integrating the TICE (Twitter, Facebook, Ipod, Wikipedia …) in the class activities.

Educational Resources

Teaching in kindergarten : Anne Popet is an educational consultant who has taught for a few years in kindergarten. She proposes on her blog ideas for educational projects and pluridisciplinary projects to develop the skills of kindergarten children (language construction, acquisition of historical knowledge, discovery of words and reading …).

Stepfan.net : “Stepfan” is a professor of Norman schools that provides official documents, educational resources, games, exercises and tools for primary and nursery teachers on this blog.

Brigitte prof : Brigitte is a teacher of elementary school in Quebec and offers on this attractive blog and regularly updated multimedia files, video tutorials, links, animations to use in class. They can easily be exploited within the framework of French primary and junior kindergarten programs.

To smile a little

P’tite maikress : On this well-illustrated blog, a CM2 teacher offers small humorous classroom anecdotes as well as mood tickets representative of the daily life of many elementary school teachers!

Diary of a PE : A young teacher tells her blog-BD her anecdotes of teacher “in drawing and in good humor”.

The great adventure  : a blog apart from the story of a professor who left in 2009 to teach in the Inuit community of Ivujivik, the northernmost village in Quebec.