A College Student’s Guide To Shopping

There’s nothing more exciting in your life as a young person than when you graduate high school, leave the nest, and venture off to begin their journey into the college experience. With a new found freedom along with a sense of purpose, you begin one of the best times in your young life. All of the changes that come along with such an important time can be a bit stressful. Moving out of your family home and away from your parents, becoming more independent both emotionally and financially, studying new material and carrying a heavier courseload, and managing your time and money on your own can be a startling awakening for some college kids. In this guide you’ll find tips on how to shop smart–which may not always mean cheap.

In some cases, it’s smart to invest in the pricier option so that your item will last longer and will not need to be replaced frequently. This is the case for many electronics and their accessories. Instead of paying $15 for a laptop carrying case from a low-end department store or off an untrustworthy shopping site, it may be the more economical solution to spend a little more than you’d like to on it because it will be used daily to carry around campus a very expensive and necessary component to your success as a college student–your laptop. Bloomingdale’s has several high-end, brand name laptop carrying cases that offer the best protection for your computer along with comfortable straps that offer support and an easy carry for the college student on-the-go. They also sell many great quality phone cases, headphones, fitbits, and other electronic devices that may help you in your journey as a college attendee.

While in some cases it may be smarter for you to spend more, there are plenty of other arenas in which it is smartest to save as much money as possible by opting for the less expensive item. While spending big bucks on electronics and their accessories is smart, it is a good idea to utilize your status as a student by taking advantage of restaurants, retailers, and other service providers who offer a student discount. Flashing your student ID badge at the local coffee shop may knock 20% off your order for lunch, or cut the cost of your haircut in half. It’s always smart to find out what shops and eateries around you offer a discount to students and utilize that as often as possible. This will save you money in the long run. Sites like Student Discount Finder actually help you search for establishments that offer such bonuses for college students just like you. Utilize their services for an easy way to spend less and save more while in school!

Another simple way to spend smartly while attending college is to always buy your textbooks and materials used, or rent them from a site like Chegg! Brand new textbooks can cost a small fortune, and if it’s not necessary for you to buy one, then you should always look for less expensive alternatives. If you do have to end up buying a brand new book that is not available for rent or in used condition, then at least take the time to sell it back to the bookstore at the end of the semester and get back a little bit of what you spent originally.

These are just a few tips on how to shop smart, spend less, and save more during your time as a college or university student. Keep them in mind as you navigate your life of newly found freedom and responsibility. Your wallet and your future self will thank you for it!