1 Week On Education & Democratic Schools

It was at Chatenay-Malabry, from the 19th to the 27th of August.

An extra-ordinary format (1 week, a diantre, and with the family if you wish!) + 1 immersion almost 24 hours a day for those who wanted it or came from the other end of France or the world.

For me it was “after breakfast” at dinner (as I live within reach of RER) with my girlfriend who opened her school on Sophia-Antipolis, Skholè (the occasion of a continuum of blablatages in the RER and between 2 teeth washings!). But the immersion was not less strong.

EUDEC is primarily the European network of democratic schools . Every year, EUDEC organizes a one-week international conference in a European country (Finland last year, Greece next year).

This year, EUDEC France took over the event. I have invested in social networking, because it is my dada. And this year that wanted to celebrate “diversity” in democratic schools did not disappoint => 465 people from 25 countries responded “Present”!

Venus of France (creators of schools, parents and members of all ages), Europe (a bus of 45 Ukrainians for the biggest group) and the world (Brazil, US, Israel, Mexico and Taiwan for the more distant) !

On the menu =

  • Interactive lectures by beautiful heads, actors of democratic education and / or educational innovation in general (André Stern, Peter Gray, François Taddéi of CRI, Henry Readhead of Summerhill – the grandson of Neill- …)